Smackdown file-sharing applications: Dropbox vs. Zumodrive

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File-sharing apps smackdown: Dropbox vs. Zumodrive

My first official Android App Smackdown as Android and Me staffer will pit two cloud file sharing applications and Dropbox Zumodrive with each other to see what is worthy of the name file-sharing application for Android. We will focus on the initial configuration of your computer, and how each application handles documents, photos and music.
Setting up file sharing from your computer Dropbox and Zumodrive Both come with PC applications, allowing you to exchange files between your computer and Android device, but which of them has a job best
Configure My Computer Zumodrive was easy and intuitive Zumodrive facilitate tight integration with Windows. Simply right-click the file or folder you want to access, and then click Link to Zumodrive. The folder is now linked to Zumodrive easy access. Folders and files that have already decided to be a link icon at the bottom of the clouds. Participation in Zumodrive is simply the wind.
Setting up the files in the Dropbox also relatively simple, but not so intuitive and integrated Zumodrive. Dropbox works as a folder you can drag and drop files to the exchange. This will remove them from the site, which has been stored on the hard disk and place them in the Dropbox folder. It still gets the job, but I do not like the idea of having to physically move files on my computer.
The total setup is fairly simple things that the customer has no choice but Zumodrive wins this category because of how easy it is to set up files to share.
Winner: ZumoDrive
access to files from the phone Android Documents
As a businessman in the day, having access to my files wherever I go borders on necessity. As such, the first real pits to investigate how Dropbox and ZumoDrive Android applications support access to documents.
Both Zumodrive Dropbox and facilitate access to documents related to the very easy. Provided they have some kind of a program office in your phone, simply click on a file or application Zumodrive Dropbox, and opens to the right allows you to view Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and PDF files(depending on which Office can not). I currently use the premium version of Documents To Go, and perhaps the only guarantee, as well as any program that works with the office suite. If you use another Office program, and you have problems, please let us know in the comments so we can contact the developers.
Dropbox has one advantage over Zumodrive is that when you open the document in the Dropbox, the file retains its file name, while Zumodrive changed its name to a string of numbers. Dealbreaker is difficult since you can always change the file name, but a small problem.
Both programs make it very easy to view the linked files, but Dropbox wins this category with the lashes.
Dropbox and Zumodrive benefit both access to the Android picture gallery connected, but Dropbox actually saves the pictures on SD cards so they stay in the gallery(even after you uninstall the application). This is very useful, which allows you to easily synchronize your image folder on your PC with Android phone, so you can easily show off your photos on the go.
Integration of the gallery where Dropbox really stands out and throws it to the winner in the category image.
In the category of music is this , which has the greatest potential. Imagine that you share the iTunes folder on your computer and is able to play directly from the Android device. This is a category of music where Zumodrive really shines. Zumodrive has its own built-in music player with the notifications that tell you what a game. I love the Zumodrive placement in music player, and it seems as if it was created for Android.
Contrast this experience with Dropbox, which either force near or playback will be very variable every time I tried to run the track. That might be a fluke, and the music player can work for you, but I think I can safely assume that if a person has problems, others may have problems.
Winner: Zumodrive
Application Look Feel
Dropbox and Zumodrive Both feel very well together. Most things seem only to work, starting with the obvious exception of music in the Dropbox. Overall, however, Zumodrives UI just feels more polished than the Dropbox.
Winner: Zumodrive
Zumodrive both memory and Dropbox offers 2GB for free, and offers more space for a monthly fee. Detailed price information can be found at Zumodrive and Dropbox .
Applications Well folks, it seems Zumodrive win a very narrow margin. Both are Zumodrive Dropbox and revolutionary applications that provide access to all content on the go. Although not perfect, both have their work quite well and excel in different areas. I encourage you to try both of these applications for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dropbox Mainscreen

Dropbox Music Sadface

Dropbox Picture viewer

Zumodrive file structure

Zumodrive music player

Zumodrive music tab

Zumodrive picture view

The Dropbox and Zumodrive should be accessible to all versions of Android Android on the market. If you have problems, let us know in the comments.

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