Test An Ipad In 3 Easy Steps And Keep It For Free!

Posted on Jul 23 2017 - 2:03pm by Techy Hints

We’ve all heard about the new iPad developed by Apple Corporation. Not all of us though have the money to buy one. Our hope then is to get an iPad for free.

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Even if you could afford to purchase one, it would be quite hard when iPads are finally released. Can you still remember what happened when iPhone came out in the market? I think the lines for the iPad will be much longer. Whew!

While others try to win in contests with iPads as prizes or join promotional events that give out iPads as freebies, you can keep it simple and easy by being an Apple iPad tester. Doing so will allow you to use this product sooner than the others, before it even goes for sale. Furthermore, as a reward for your service as an iPad tester, you get to keep the iPad without paying anything. It’s 100% free!

iPad testing is actually an inexpensive way for Apple to do a dry run for their iPads. The results become credible as the iPad testers are average consumers themselves and not some professional, client servicing companies. These testers are also in their target market, therefore Apple will get an inside look to the wants, needs, and demands of the market. For your participation as a tester, you get a free iPad as a reward.

There are scams taking advantage of the iPad’s superstar status asking for bank accounts, credit card details or upfront payments in order to test an iPad. These are not real, legit sites. You don’t need to pay for testing an Apple iPad.

The question is, what should you do to be an iPad tester? There are usually three steps:

1. Register or sign up in the site. This requires only the most basic information, such as name, e-mail address, and zip code.
2. Complete the surveys.
3. Complete some offers.

Good luck and enjoy your iPad!

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