The Android O Release: Sync in These 5 Features on Priority

Posted on Nov 3 2017 - 8:26pm by Techy Hints

Android Oreo comes with increased functionality, better security, and improved performance. Here are 5 most exciting features of the Android 8.0:

Picture in Picture:

The picture in picture also known as PIP mode enables the user to enjoy multitasking on the go. It allows the user to open a small window in the phone that showcases the application in a paused state. This allows him to enjoy operating two different applications without any hustles. This feature is already available for Android TV but now it will be accessible in phones as well.

Notification Badges:

Now there is no need to open an application again and again just to ensure if you have missed a notification. A small dot will appear on top of the application icon to showcase pending notifications.

Notification Channels:

Now a small channel will contain information related all the notifications in an app. This channel will be highly customizable. You can change the color, theme, group notifications etc. This will allow quick and easy access to notifications on the go.

Background activity limitations:

Android 8.0 introduces new background limits for preventing the overuse of device battery and memory. New limits are added on location, wifi-scan, background services and broadcast.

Security and Privacy (permissions):

Android Oreo has made security one of its primary areas of focus. It emphasizes strongly on user privacy and data security. To make this happen Google has launched Google Play Protect which works as a virus scanner for Android apps.

Of course, the list of features in Android 8.0 does not end here. There are many other features that Google has introduced with Android Oreo. What we have covered here are the ones which will need a development upgrade. Also, here are some key advantages for the user with Android Oreo:

1. Autofill forms are now in the OS. That means that you won’t need to depend on third party password managers anymore. Autofill will allow seamless usage of apps without any worries regarding passwords.

2. Now you can enjoy the zen of machine learning at your fingertips. Android Oreo comes with smart text selection that will identify the best potential app for your copied text. For example, if you select an address then you can directly trigger Maps to find the location.

3. Now, there are new ways to express. Google has added a new set of emojis that has ushered a new wave of change for the messaging experience. They have done away with the old blob emoji which has some users quite upset.

Thus, we can see that Android O packs a lot of add-ons for the users. The update will start rolling from devices like Pixel and Nexus phones but no worries there are many phones in the line. Overall it is expected that this will be a fun experience for the users.

Why Upgrade Your Apps to Android 8.0?

Though, for some app owners it can be a necessity to upgrade their apps like in cases discussed above, it in no way means that if it is not mandatory then you should ignore it. Upgrading your app keeps you competitive in the app markets and ensures that users do not jump from your app to your competitor’s. Once you lose your loyal app users it is very hard to regain that trust. It is always better to take a step forward and lead the way by adapting to the change. New features like picture in picture, notification channels and dots etc are all aiming to provide more control to the user. By ensuring that your app keeps your users on the top priority you will not only keep your present users intact but also earn more users.

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