The Difference between aPads and iPads

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 7:49pm by Techy Hints

Not many people know what an aPad is. This is not surprising since it is not advertized like the iPads from Apple. The good news is that if you know about iPads, then you almost know what an aPad is.

I came across the aPads on Google and on eBay 4 months ago. I decided to order one unit to try it and I was very impressed by the look and feel of the device.

When I showed the unit to my friends, they fell in love with it. The awareness is growing by the day and a good number of individuals are accepting the aPad as a nice alternative to the iPads.

aPads originated from China. They are known as the Asian alternative for the iPad. Some people call it a iPad clone.

It is nice to know that aPads have some striking features which will interest you. This article focuses on the difference between the aPad and the iPad

The most striking difference is the Operating System. The aPad or ePad has the Google Android Operating system which is also used in a large number of cell phones and PDAs. The beauty of this is that it works seamlessly with Google Applications like Gmail, Google calendars and Google Maps. Emails and calendar information is synchronized when the aPad device is connected to the Internet via Wifi. iPads on the other hand runs on iOS 3.2.2  which also runs on the iPod touch and earlier versions of the iPhone. It works seamlessly with other Apple products and services.

Just like the iStore, applications for the aPad are available on the Android Marketplace. With thousand of free Android applications available, one will still have fun downloading and using these programs.

Another striking difference is the price. An Android aPad can be purchased for less than $100. This is not the same for the iPad. Although the iPads are more sleek, the aPad, for the price, has virtually the same functionality and more including the webcam (in some aPad models) and an SD/Mini SD slot that can hold up to 32 GB! Transferring data to and from the SD card is a big advantage.

aPads come in difference sizes, the most popular ones are the 7″ and the 10″ widescreen versions. The price range between the 7″ and the 10″ aPads is not that much. iPads for now are all 10″. Some individuals prefer the 7″ version because of the compact size.

Overall, the aPad is an excellent option if one has a tight budget. It is also a nice Christmas present if you are purchasing a couple of items for people.

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