The future of Bluetooth Advertising (proximity marketing) in 2011

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 12:51pm by Techy Hints

After the release of smartphone statistics reports of 2010 that showed that the smartphones that support Bluetooth Marketing was the most common smartphones in the world:



1 – Nokia, Finland 24.0 million for 39%

2 – RIM, Canada 11.2 million for 18%

3 – Apple, USA 8.4 million for 14%

4 – HTC, Taiwan 4.5 million for 7%

5 – Samsung, South Korea 3.0 million for 5%

6 – Motorola, USA 2.7 million for 4%

Rest of smartphone makers 7.9 million

TOTAL smartphones in 2010 Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


1 – Symbian (Nokia) 27.0 million for 44%

2 – Android (Google) 11.4 million for 18%

3 – Blackberry (RIM) 11.2 million for 18%

4 – iOS/iPhone (Apple) 8.4 million for 14%

5 – Windows Mobile (Microsoft) 1.6 million for 3%

Rest of Operating systems 2.1 million

TOTAL smartphone OS devices in Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


Almost all Symbian phones (near 44% of the global markets) supports/accepts receiving files sent by Proximity Advertising devices.

Nielson Company releases stats on smartphone usage in October 2010  showing that only 3.5% of smartphone users use Symbian Devices, this means that US markets is no more a good market for Bluetooth Advertising.

StatCounter Global Stats claims that near 75% of Africa’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones, and near 57% of Asia’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones and near 52% of South America’s smartphone users uses Symbian OS smartphones.

These smartphones that supports Bluetooth Marketing technology are mainly concentrated in Africa, South America and Asia.

Based on these data iBlue -the leading core Bluetooth advertising software provider for mini PCs and thin clients- iBlue board of directories announced its main target markets for 2011 will be advertising agencies companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Advertising agencies and mobile marketing companies will be targeted with iBlue’s latest Bluetooth Advertising core software, that converts mini PC and thin clients to a fully functioning Proximity Advertising system.

Dr.Khaled Awad the CEO of iBlue stated that “iBlue market share increased in Mexico, Middle East, Latin America and Africa due to the usage of compatible smartphones in these countries and our cost efficient custom Bluetooth Advertising Solutions that we offer for companies that would like to start their Bluetooth advertising Business.” Dr.Awad is expecting a very bright future for Bluetooth Advertising in 2011.

Source by Khaled Awad

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