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Automotive technology is one of those love or hate factors in cars. Technophobes will shy away from advanced systems like traction control, navigation systems or low-emission hybrid engine systems. Technophiles will lap up every new development, but often find themselves out of pocket for redundant technologies in years, or even months, down the track. This is why we have compiled a list of the best high tech luxury cars, whether you fear or love technological advancement.

The Audi TT Roadster Quatro has a 250 horsepower 6 cylinder engine, and Audi’s all wheel drive has been tweaked and improved for this model. Racing car-like features of the car include control systems to transfer torque; in normal driving, up to 85% of the torque is distributed to the front wheels, however under extreme maneuvering or heavy acceleration, 100% can be transferred either to the front or the rear. This Audi does it better than any other competing models, and even better than other Audis do. If you are looking for top notch handling from your luxury car, Audi will be your first choice.

For those concerned about the environment, a car’s engine is one area for technological advancement that the driver should not even be aware of. BMW says that its new range of engines produce fewer emissions, yet deliver more power than ever before. The BMW 335i sedan costs $39,675, and is much less expensive than other hybrids on the market at this price. The engine is a 300hp six, and the 335i is available in coupe, convertible and sedan.

Luxury in high tech cars is done by nobody better than Mercedes vehicles. The 2006 Mercedes Benz S-class is one of the best examples of luxurious high tech safety features, with keyless Go standard on the 2006 model, along with sumptuous touches like heated steering wheels and an electronic trunk closer. An option on these Mercedes vehicles is the Hands Free Communication system. The 2006 S-class is powered by a 241 hp 6 cylinder engine, and has a nimble feel given its size. The safetuy features are also extremely technologically advanced, and all of these things combined give this Mercedes car a great resale value.

The Mercedes car SLR McLaren, as you might expect from a car with a racing driver’s name, is extremely advanced in the handling and drive aspects. The advanced design and supercar performance make it an exotic car, with explosive acceleration that is still smooth, not jerky. The body is made of technologically advanced carbon fiber, the same material that Formula One racecars are built from. The body is extremely light, yet the high tech material gives an excellent level of occupant protection. The bi-xenon HID headlights are only the icing on the cake for this Mercedes vehicle.

The Lexus LS 600 has managed to solve one of the most complained-about driving tasks worldwide, with its option for a parallel parking package. Have a robot parallel park you, and for all of those spatially challenged men and women out there, passers-by will not even know that it isn’t you! The all-wheel drive technology is an excellent feature, regardless of the fact that you would not take this car off the road. The fuel efficiency technology is also a focus of the Lexus – the makers say that it produces the torque of a V12, with the fuel economy of a V8.

Whether you love technology or hate it, it is here to stay, and will only become more complicated as time goes on. For the technophobes, look for options like those on the Mercedes Benz mentioned, that give you a little luxury without taking away control, like heated steering wheels and electronic trunk closers. They are a nice, gentle introduction to the brave new world of the electronic future!

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