VOLTROX Modular Smartphone Power Bank

Posted on Apr 11 2018 - 2:03pm by Techy Hints


Portable phone power has never been cooler. As part of the ROXON™ Smartphone System, the VOLTROX™ smartphone power bank is a removable backup battery accessory that easily snaps on the back of your Vibes Modular BASEROX™ smartphone case. VOLTROX™ charges your phone via a charging cord providing up to 150% more battery life. When your phone is fully charged, you can remove it.

It’s swappable. Yup, if you change your phone, no worries, just grab a new Vibes Modular BASEROX™ phone case and continue to use your VOLTROX™ power charger. Some might say we offer sustainable electronics– no more drawers full of expensive useless phone accessories. If your buddy needs a charge, share it! Simply share your VOLTROX power charger easily between devices so you’ll both have battery power on the fly.
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