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Posted on Mar 19 2017 - 8:34pm by Techy Hints

Philadelphia, PA, makes it fair share of sports fans no matter where they live. And, if you are a smart fanatic, you can watch Philadelphia Phillies MLB games online. I do. I never miss any action because I see the Phils in action through live streaming video on my computer.

This way, no matter where I am in the country, I catch the NL Champion team from the City of Brotherly Love share some baseball kisses against hapless opponents where an All-Star lineup takes the field to teach a lesson.

Yes sir. I watch as many games as I can where Manager Charlie Manuel leads a team of overachievers like 2009 All Stars Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth. I can even get the All Star game where Philadelphia roistered three outfielders, the first time since 1995. Yep, I can get the All Star game on my computer.

How, you ask?

I discovered this fabulous software that I easily downloaded to my laptop. Installation was a breeze and I now use this software to watch Philadelphia Phillies MLB games online plus much more. Granted, gaining access to Phillies games is sweet, but this software grants access to other sporting presentations, some great shows along with great entertainment and news channels, history, education and fabulous kids’ programming. I have access to more than 3,500 online channels over the Internet.

You can watch all this on your PC, too.

All you need is a DSL or cable Internet connection along with a computer using a Windows operating system or Mac. You don’t need the latest and greatest computer system – anyone will work.

This way when the Phillies make their usual pennant run, you can catch every exciting moment regardless where you watch the game. Relax, it’s on the computer!

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