What Does Going Green Really Cost?

Posted on Jul 24 2017 - 6:41pm by Techy Hints


“Going Green” has become an advertising tag line that is becoming as common as McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”. Our eyes and ears are getting flooded on a daily basis with products and suggestions that are geared towards more organic products that are better for the environment. I am sure we can all agree that the environment and our health should be at the top of the priorities list, but these products come at a high cost.

In a recent article by CNNMoney.com titled “The high price of gong ‘organic'”, there are several very interesting quotes.
“…recent surveys show that American consumers are getting turned off by the organic hype for three reasons: price, skepticism and confusion.”
“…organic products still sell for a hefty premium, 50% to 100% more than non-organic alternatives…”
“The No. 1 complaint over the past 5 years is that organic products are expensive.”

With these kinds of numbers, we can see why the average consumer would be turned off by organic products in favor of the mass produced, commercial offerings. We are in a time period where the necessities are going up in cost faster than the purchasing public can keep up. Even restaurants are cutting down portions to keep up with the rising cost of raw materials…in this case food.

For most hard working families, “going green” at this point in time is not even possible without some change in the price structure.

Does these mean that we should not “go green” all together?

I don’t think that is the direction we need to head in. As consumers, we need to become much smarter about the way we shop. There are ways to purchase organic and natural products without breaking the bank. During times like this, we can watch out for the environment by researching the products we are buying. This involves looking for better pricing and shopping incentives.

“Going green” is an important concept as we look towards our future. Are there companies that are going to use this slogan as a tag line in an attempt to increase business during the slow times? Of course, but as an educated consumer, you should research the products and services that you rely on for your needs. Companies like Nature’s Gate, Avalon Organics or Jason are going the extra step to make sure that “going green” is not just another tag line but a way to produce Earth friendly products that will make you feel and look better.

In a recent press release by Apple Computer, CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple is going to make changes over the coming years to make it’s products more environmentally friendly. This trend is starting to gain headway with other major Fortune 500 companies, and should help us all in the long run.

In the meantime, during the current economic situation, we need to become smarter consumers by researching our products and finding better deals. There are ways to purchase “going green” products without emptying the wallet. It just takes a little extra time that will benefit our children in the future.

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