What is MVOIP and How it works?

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 12:46am by Techy Hints

The buzzword of the times is mVOIP as everyone is now moving towards mobility as an essential requisite in modern day living. For those who heavily rely on their mobile phones stand to save a lot on their mobile phone bills if they opt to use mVOIP in making and receiving local and international calls. The amount of savings that you can generate while using mVOIP will largely depend on the habits and needs, and the requirements of the service that you are presently using.

It is now possible for mobile phone users to enjoy completely free voice calls using their cell phones or portable communications devices as long as they meet the basic requisites. Firstly, you must have a mobile phone unit that supports the mVOIP service that you are presently using. Your caller must also be using the same mVOIP service. Finally, your handheld communication device must have Internet connection.

A typical situation where a mobile phone subscriber is able to access free mVOIP voice calls shall be by using a smartphone or other high-end communication device such as the 3G or wi-fi phones to make your calls to someone who is also using the same service in their cell phones or PCs. There are no extra charges to the call outside of the flat rate you pay for the Internet connection of your mobile phones.

This is not a view of the future as the requisites for such communication backbone are as real as they can get. Sophisticated and high end portable communication devices are now common and Internet connection is now a basic service facility that is within the reach of almost all of us. Subscribers only have to get access to the Internet through their cell phones and they can instantly enjoy the benefits of unlimited calls at no extra cost.

Mobile VOIP is considered extremely important in the overall scheme of things. VOIP will not grow if it remains wired as the trend is connectivity within the context of mobility. In fact, those who are heavily on VOIP service have been expecting that the technology will eventually be integrated in the mobile phone functionalities. This perception was right on the money as indeed; mVOIP is now poised to become the new generation Internet or IP-based voice call option.

The mVOIP relies on IP networks such as 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, WiMax, etc. This is the basic element of mobile telephony. If you want to access unlimited and free voice calls outside of your PCs, then you must have Internet connection through your cell phone or other mobile communication devices. Subscribers can avail of the data plans that are offered by mobile phone service providers.

In order to avail of the mobile Voice over IP facility, you must also use the types of cell phones and mobile communication devices that support the service that you require. You need to install the software required to make voice calls using the mVOIP technology. Once these concerns are covered, you can use your cell phone in making calls and receiving calls in much the same that you are using your PC for your VOIP calls.

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