What makes Android app development programs a difficult proposition to handle

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Android is a platform that has captivated aspiring developers, and provided opportunities to develop robust apps. But, an enthusiastic developer participating in Android app development programs ought to take note of important elements that work in unison to ensure success of such programs. More importantly, developers ought to know about elements that can produce a deep impact on Android app development programs before plunging into the task of building apps. What makes Android application development a difficult proposition?


As Android developers gear up to build groundbreaking apps that create a ripple at the market place, crossing hurdles is an ordeal that a developer has to go through in the initial stage. One of the hurdles that can impact the Android application development program is the divisions caused when working with the Android space. There are different types pertaining to Android devices that pave way for OS fragmentation, different resolutions and screen sizes, among other differences that can impact the program.  

Launching with ease

Being easy to launch apps with this platform is one of the features that needs to be handled with care. As apps can be launched easily, with just a button standing between developed apps and their release, developers feel enthusiastic to release new versions. With applications flooding the market, users get overwhelmed and exhibit indifference to such companies that flood the market with different versions of Android apps that are released frequently.


While gearing up to build robust apps out of Android app development programs, developers lavish their attention on significant aspects that impact the program. One such a feature happens to be the metrics, which holds water for this program. But, when it comes to Android platform, developers are not completely sure as to how end users interact with apps, which produces a negative impact on the program. This is one of the features that make it difficult for developers to bring out apps that meet the expectations of end users.


Another aspect that can impact the development program is the feature concerning awareness that can be created in Android market. Discovering an Android app gets done through categories, and creating a buzz at the Android market is one of the difficult propositions concerning Android space. Most importantly, learning viral mechanics to extend reach and win customers is not the easiest of tasks as when it comes to this platform.


Most importantly, generating revenue out of the developed Android apps is another hurdle to be crossed to ensure success of the program. As the Android platform doesn’t attract users who spend freely to acquire apps, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate revenues.

By taking note of features that can impact Android app development program, developers can roll out ideal measures to build robust Android apps.

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