What’s New in the Android 8.1 Developer Preview

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 5:35pm by Techy Hints

Dan Galpin highlights many of the the changes in the Android 8.1 Developer Preview, now available to developers on supported devices. Android 8.1 contains a targeted set of enhancements, including optimizations for Android Go and a new Neural Networks API. There are also many smaller enhancements, including WallpaperColors, changes to the Autofill Framework, and a new SharedMemory API. On Pixel, Android 8.1 supports lower latency audio using AAUDIO_SHARING_MODE_EXCLUSIVE, while on the Pixel 2, the developer preview allows Android apps to take advantage of HDR+ implemented on the Pixel Visual Core, Google’s first custom-designed co-processor for consumer products.

Android 8.1 Developer Preview: https://goo.gl/ABnyNP
Oboe currently in developer preview: https://goo.gl/P8tg39
Introduction to TensorFlow Lite: https://goo.gl/8GsJVL

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