What's The Difference Between A MAC And A PC?

Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 9:57pm by Techy Hints

There has been a long-going debate in the field of technology as to which kind of computer is better to own and use. The choices have always been: a MAC or a PC. While you may seem to understand only the fact that they are both computers, there are actually differences in them like there is a wide variety of a brand for laptops and desktop computers.

However, as computer experts agree, there is little about the name or the brand that spells the difference between the two. This is because a MAC refers to the gadget produced by the Apple brand while the term PC, which is actually a standard reference to personal computers, has been considered as generally referring to Windows computers.

On the inside though, there are indeed several differences between a MAC and a PC. While a MAC runs on the operating system OS X, PCs can run on a variety like Windows, Linux and Solaris. This is also brought by the difference in the processor through which MACs and PCs are run. For MACs, the PowerPC processor is more popular. PCs on the other hand are actually being run by Intel processors.

MACs and PCs also somewhat differ in terms of the file type and program that they support. MACs are known to support programs like the Apple iTunes while PCs run Microsoft Office. This means that Apple iTunes will only function or “run” in a MAC OS X. In the same way, PCs are the sole computers that a Microsoft Office will run its course on. You cannot interchange the two.

The two also differ in terms of their marketing potential-the cost and the target users. Definitely and also due to the sophisticated processor and operating system that are used for it, a MAC can cost way higher than a PC. Having lesser gadgets through which a MAC can run also decreases its affordability. PCs, on the contrary, are dubbed as user-friendly and definitely cost cheaper. This is why there are more users who purchase PCs than MACs.

Regardless though of the brand or software or operating system of your computer, it is important to just remember that they can both function well depending on how you take care of your gadgets and the installed programs in them. There is no better software if the user does not know how to maximize its potentials.

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