Why Opal Office is better than Microsoft Word

Posted on Mar 29 2017 - 3:30am by Techy Hints

The top selling writing software program in the United States is Microsoft Word. The main reason behind the success of this program is the fact that it is generally packaged and equipped with every Windows Operating System that is sold in the United States. This program became the most used writing utility due to this exposure and for the simple fact that it already came installed on most computer systems.

For years Microsoft Word and even Microsoft Excel came packaged with computers for free for life! However, in present day society the majority of computers that come equipped with either of these programs now only come packaged with a Trial Basis of the programs. This means that you will be able to use the programs for a specific period of time after activating your new computer. However, at the end of this trial period which could be anywhere from 30 days to 90 days, your program will cease to operate and in order to continue using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you will be required to purchase a ‘key’ from Microsoft in order to unlock the programs and to continue to use them.

The logic behind this is that Microsoft wants you to become so familiar with these programs and so used to using them during the trial period, that you will see no other option than to immediately purchase the program in full. With that in mind Microsoft also realizes that you will be willing to open up your wallet and pay outrageous fees for these programs. This is why they charge upwards of two-hundred to four-hundred dollars for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These prices are absolutely staggering and ridiculous in this day and age.

With that in mind OfficeBestDeal.com has created a unique and effective program known as Opal Office. Opal Office is a writing utility that has the same specifications and capabilities as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. However, this product can be acquired from OfficeBestDeal.com for virtually nothing in comparison to Microsoft World and Microsoft Excel. In fact, the price of Opal Office is cheaper than most computer games on the market today.

The great thing about Opal Office apart from its price is that it is also one-hundred percent compatible with all Microsoft programs. This means that if you have documents saved in .DOC format you can open them with Opal Office. Additionally, you can save any documents you create in Opal Office in .DOC format and also in all other Microsoft Office formats.

There is no greater or more effective alternative to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel than Opal Office. Especially, when you consider the very low cost of the program! You will receive all the same great features but won’t have to deal with the costly bills that can arise from purchasing a key to unlock Microsoft writing utilities.

When it comes to choosing a writing utility for your operating system you should seriously consider the use and purchase of Opal Office. This powerful program is virtually the same as Microsoft Word and contains the exact same specifications! You won’t be missing a thing by using Opal Office! In fact, you will be saving yourself a great deal of money!

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