Windows 7 Hang – Why Windows 7 Hangs, How To Fix It

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 2:11pm by Techy Hints

Windows 7 hanging or becoming unresponsive is a recurring issue Microsoft users have discovered when using this operating system. The hanging is random. Windows hangs on the welcome screen right after login. It can hang during shutdown. The programs you opened can hang or just stop responding including your mouse and keyboard. This is quite frustrating especially if you are working on something important. There are actually a lot of causes to this problem, but below are the main reasons why Windows 7 hangs plus their corresponding fixes:

Viruses and Spyware. Malicious files may be hiding in your system. These malware corrupt your files and hinder your computer’s performance causing Windows 7 to eventually hang. Keep your virus definitions always updated. Make sure to also download the latest security patches and updates. Always run a scan on your computer to detect these viruses and spyware then delete them.

Too many programs running at once. This consumes more virtual RAM (Random Access Memory) than your system can handle Don’t open a lot of applications simultaneously. Limit the number of software and websites currently running to those that are importantly only. If you are a heavy multi-tasker, then upgrade your RAM to at least double what you are using now.

Corrupt Windows Registry. The registry contains information and settings Windows 7 references during operation. This database eventually becomes cluttered because of redundant and obsolete entries leaving it corrupted. It is advised then to clean your Windows registry to delete those unwanted entries. A manual clean is not possible though because the registry is the brain of your computer and is somewhat complicated. A minor change or error in an entry can cause major damage in your operating system.

Diagnosing your system with a registry cleaner is the best solution to solve registry problems. It is specialized software that thoroughly scans your Windows registry, repairs any errors it sees, and deletes all those invalid entries. By having a clean registry, you will notice a great improvement in your computer speed and performance. It will also completely fix Windows 7 hangs.

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