Windows 7 Is Slow – How Can I Easily Make Windows 7 Run Faster?

Posted on Mar 14 2017 - 5:59am by Techy Hints

Windows 7  freezes up frequently and runs very slow? As the latest operating system of Microsoft, Windows 7 is much easier to use and able to run faster than other systems like XP and Vista. But it still has some shortcomings. It would become slower and slower gradually.  Why Windows 7 becomes slow? How to make it run fast like new?

To resolve the problem, we need to talk about the frame of the windows systems. In all windows operating system, registry is used as the data center to save all the data and information of software, devices and programs installed on your computer. Unexceptionally, Win 7 also use registry to save all the vital data.

There is an obvious shortcoming of registry. The size of registry would grow larger and larger. Because a lot of redundant, invalid and empty registry keys and entries, which are supposed to be deleted, are left behind after some software and programs are uninstalled. When the number of these useless keys and entries grows to some extent, there comes the problem.

You know registry is the data centre of your system. When your system performs a task, it must communicate with registry and access to some necessary data. But if the registry is full of the obsolete keys, the communication process would be tremendously slowed down. It is like a traffic jam. The useful data in registry cannot be transmitted to the system in time. This is the reason why your Windows 7 runs slow after time.

To expedite the communication between system and registry, you must clean up all the redundant, invalid and empty keys. This is the only way to speed up your computer. You can use your registry cleaner to scan all the useless keys and remove them from your computer.

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