Windows 7: Three Major Differences From Windows Xp

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 2:29pm by Techy Hints

The worry for any IT department when upgrading to a new version of application/software is how it will be accepted by users. Most PC users would rather gouge their eyes out than upgrade to a new version. After all, they are comfortable with the current system. They know its bugs, the tweaks needed and the workarounds.

And now, you want them to learn something new? Arrrggghhhh . . .  While this may never be a welcome change, it is one that is necessary and can be made smoother.

By alerting users to the major differences between the new and old versions, you can make the transition smoother. If your firm is upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, here are some major differences you can alert your employees to. It should make the transition less painful for all concerned.

I. New Taskbar: It’s common for task bars to be located at the bottom right of a user’s screen. And, usually they have “pop up balloons” that alert you to one thing or another (check this, upgrade this, security breach here, etc.). In Windows 7, you have total control over the task bar.

You can change the settings to allow only those icons you want to appear and send out notifications.

II. Faster: One of the things that Microsoft promised with Windows 7 is a faster operating system. According to most users, it delivers. This is because it has fewer startup processes that it has to go through. This means less RAM used, which means faster loading and shutdown times.

III. Easier Peripheral Integration: This will come as a welcome relief to many users who have plug-and-play devices (eg, digital cameras). For, every time you use a plug-and-play device, you will be treated to a new experience with Windows 7.

One of the major differences is that almost all of the devices are supported with the required drivers. And, when they’re not, Windows 7 will locate it on the internet for you, right down to the device’s manufacturer’s website.

While upgrades are never seamless, making end users aware of the benefits they will receive helps to ease the transition. And for many, Windows 7 offers a plethora of them.

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